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Extreme Grand Prix Racetrack Rules

  • All rules are strictly enforced. All racers MUST sign a waiver form.
  • A minimum height of 52 inches is required for adult karts.
  • A minimum age of 10 is required for adult karts.
  • A maximum weight of 300 lbs. to race on adult track.
  • A maximum height of 7 feet to race on adult track.
  • When in the pit area, participants must comply with all safety briefing instructions and obey all verbal and signaled commands.
  • All racers must sign a Waiver and Release of Liability. All minors must have a signed waiver and a photo ID of their parent/guardian or they will not be allowed to use the track. All waivers are available on our homepage.
  • When in a kart your seatbelt must be fastened at all times.
  • You must keep your hands on the steering wheel and feet inside the kart at all times. Individuals wearing a cast or sling will not be permitted to drive karts.
  • Signed parental consent forms are required for youth under 18. Waivers are available on our homepage.
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn: No high heels, flip flops or open toe shoes. No barefeet.
  • No loose articles or items of clothing. All scarfs and/or long necklaces must be removed.
  • Long hair must be tied up and tucked in.
  • No person will be allowed to participate in karting if over the legal alcohol limit. Breathalyzer will be given.
  • All drivers must wear a helmet and headsock. You can bring your own helmet but it must be DOT labeled.
  • All new drivers will receive a mandatory safety briefing session.
  • Never stop on the track unless directed to by an Extreme Grand Prix official.
  • Kart racing poses a threat to those with back or neck injuries. Please consult your physician before racing.
  • People with heart conditions should not use the karts.
  • Pregnant woman should not use the karts.
  • Extreme Grand Prix will not tolerate any bumping or blocking of karts.
  • This is a FAMILY FUN center, no obscene language will be tolerated.
  • Dress code is enforced.

***If you fail to follow our code of conduct or instructions issued by the staff, or if you are black flagged on the track, there will be NO REFUND for your visit with us. We want everyone to have fun, but no one person’s attempt at fun should create a dangerous or negative experience for any other person or group in visiting us. Please respect our rules and enjoy your time at EXTREME GRAND PRIX!***

Your safety starts when you walk through the door, please respect and obey all rules and regulations at Extreme Grand Prix.

Download the Adult Waiver Download the Minor Agreement & Waiver

Bounce House Rules

  • A responsible adult must be in attendance at all times with child
  • Capacity charts posted on inflatable will be adhered to. The maximum rider capacity will not be exceeded
  • Inflatable’s are physically challenging and any person with health impairment, disease, bone or joint problems or any other conditions that might cause problems when using bounce house will not be allowed to participate
  • Remove shoes, necklaces, eyeglasses, jewelry and other hard or sharp objects prior to entering
  • No gum, face paint, candy, food, drink, allowed inside any inflatable
  • Absolutely no flips, wrestling or other forms of rough housing are allowed
  • Participants will be grouped in appropriate age and size
  • Minimum age 4 maximum age 10 are allowed to use inflatable’s
  • Participants should not lie down while others are bouncing around them
  • Do not run or jump through the door into or out of inflatable
  • Do not jump on the entry step of the inflatable
  • No climbing on the exterior of inflatable

Underage guests must remain with their parent or guardian. Our other guests appreciate this, and our insurance carrier requires it.

Management reserves the right to deny entry or remove any individual who does not comply with the code of conduct and dress code.

For any questions or concerns, please ask to speak to a supervisor.

Do you need experience to race the karts?

No racing experience is required. Each driver will be briefed on track safety, track rules, flag and sign meanings and kart operation.

I am under 16 and want to race?

No Problem! As long as you are at least 52” tall and 10 years of age or older, you can race the adult karts. If you are unsure of your racing ability, you can come in and take a race evaluation. One of our experts can evaluate your racing abilities. When you pass the race evaluation, you can race!

What is a Race Evaluation?

A race evaluation allows our track marshals to explain the rules of the road, provide a safety briefing and make sure that you can follow the basic rules and keep up with the time requirements.

Why do I have to sign a waiver?

This is mandated by the Missouri State Fire Marshal and our insurance companies to keep you safe and protect us. Every Racer must sign a waiver, no exceptions.

I have some children less than 54 inches. What can they do?

No problem we have the Kiddie Karts with their own track for the entertainment of the smaller racing enthusiast! Children under 54 inches or those who cannot be properly fitted into a kart will not be able to race the big karts. All our go-karts are European style racing karts which only seat one person.

Can I bring my own helmet?

Yes, you can. Your helmet must be DOT certified or greater and have a full face cover and have a visor or goggles.

How fast do your karts go?

Our indoor go Karts are the fastest in the industry. Each has a 24 horse power (hp) electric motor that reaches speeds up to 45 miles per hour.

What type of training do customers go through?

Each racer will go through a short mandatory safety briefing on the karts and track rules. The briefing will give the meaning of each safety sign and also how to operate the kart. Briefing is mandatory for your safety and the safety of others.

Do I need to make a reservation?

For groups of eight or more, it is highly recommended that you book a group event Without a reservation for a large group, you will “Arrive and Drive,” you will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.

Do you have all equipment I will need to kart?

Yes, we provide everything you will need to race. All you need to bring is a pair of closed-toed shoes

What should I wear?

Appropriate footwear must be worn. No high heels, flip flops or open toe shoes. No bare feet. No loose articles or items of clothing. All scarfs and/or long necklaces must be removed. Long hair must be tied up and tucked in. Appropriate clothing must be worn. Ladies, dresses are skirts are probably not a good idea.

Why do you say GO GREEN?

Extreme Grand Prix is committed to being green by limiting harmful emissions. Our high-performance electric karts accelerate quicker and handle better than any other indoor competition kart. Since all of our karts are electric, all the racing action takes place inside our comfortable state-of-the-art climate-controlled facilities and no one leaves smelling like gas fumes! Another advantage of being indoors is the flexibility of the track layout. Our barrier system not only provides a safe cushion for impact but also allows us to change the entire layout of the course on a regular basis. This makes for a fresh and exciting experience every visit.